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MDA Scientific Chemcassette

Q. What is a Chemcassette®?
“Chemcassette®” is the unique trademarked name for a calibration free toxic gas detection method that uses an optical scanning system to detect the presence of gas by a color change on the specially chemically impregnated paper tape.

Chemcassette® technology is highly specific and reacts extremely fast to the presence of parts per billion (ppb) levels of many hazardous gases. Over 200,000 points of gas detection are currently maintained by the Chemcassette® sensing technology at any given time around the world in some of the
most critical safety applications possible.

MDA Scientific has developed a sophisticated range of highly sensitive gas detection equipment, designed to perform in ways that define new gas detection performance levels. Providing total solutions to protect people, improve production efficiency and reduce costs.

We provide replacement Chemcassettes, We also can enter into Annual Rate Contract of these tapes. 

In your critical operations, where disruptions can cost millions of dollars,do you have the right instrument for your toxic gas monitoring system? One that your workers feel confident using? One that provides the gas intelligence you need?

With our all-new SPM Flex, you never have to
worry whether your single-point monitor will stand up to harsh conditions,whether a false alarm will lead to a costly shutdown, or whether your
workers will be able to correctly operate the device.

Instead, you can count on our Chemcassette® tape-based SPM Flex for unmatched accuracy,
flexibility and ease of use — even in challenging environments. So you can rest assured that you’re keeping your people safe and your operations running.

The MDA Scientific range of toxic gas detection