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The Zareba Unipoint, a simple DIN rail mounted controller

offering integrators a flexible and low cost solution to incorporate flammable, toxic or oxygen
gas detection into their control systems.

Unipoint can be easily installed into any plastic or metal enclosure for use indoor or outdoors
and even in potentially explosive atmospheres.With the addition of one of the Zareba range of
flammable, toxic or oxygen detectors, systems may be configured to monitor gases in a wide
range of applications from car parks and boiler houses to analyzer shelters or crane cabs in
offshore facilities.

Two versions of Unipoint are available; one for mV bridge, catalytic bead type, flammable
gas detector and the other for any 2 or 3 wire 4-20mA type gas detector. Each Unipoint is
easily installed onto the DIN rail via a special socket (provided) that also interconnects power
to adjacent units. With removable terminal connectors individual Unipoint controllers can be
easily changed without disturbing other devices.

By clipping together multiple Unipoints small to medium sized monitoring solutions can be
realized. Each unit includes built-in audiovisual alarms, three programmable alarm relays and
a fault relay. Gas concentration and system status is displayed on the backlit LCD and each
controller is fully user programmable via an intuitive, push button operated menu system.
Configuration menus can be password protected to prevent unauthorized access. In addition
remote inputs allow accept, reset and inhibit of alarms without the need to open the enclosure
that the Unipoint is mounted in.


Touchpoint Plus brings a whole new control experience to your small system of gas
detectors. Touchpoint Plus is an easily configurable, wall mounted control system that supports up to sixteen channels of gas detection. Its modular approach enables you to take control and configure what you need for a wide range of applications

The signature feature of the Touchpoint line is a user-friendly touchscreen interface, and the Touchpoint Plus takes it to a new level. With this unique interface, it’s easier than ever to see the status of your system at a glance - maximizing the time you have to make the right decisions. The intuitive, multilingual interface, simplifies operation and reduces training requirements. The full colour traffic light style status indication provides clarity from a distance too.

Touchpoint Plus includes a comprehensive set of outputs as standard including common alarms and dedicated drives for remote audiovisual indicators. Its modularity enables you to customise your system to meet your specific application requirements. Selecting the right detector for use with your controller can deliver significant savings in startup costs and on-going operations. Our global partner network and dedicated application specialists are able to help make the right choices for your industry.

Flexible capabilities
• Compatible with the full range of Honeywell gas detectors
• Powered audiovisual alarms simplify field installation
• Configuration includes easy grouping and voting alarm logic without specialist knowledge
• Next-generation compatibility
• Optional Modbus output for integration with a higher level system Providing ease and efficiency
• Quick and easy installation, configuration, commissioning and maintenance
• Easy diagnostics, data and reporting
• Minimised training time • Large colour touchscreen LCD • Multilingual capabilities
• Green-yellow-red status at a glance

Honeywell Analytics’ one system solution to meet your safety requirements
Touchpoint Plus provides a reliable safety solution for small scale gas detection systems across a wide range of applications and industries. If you need to integrate your gas detection with a higher level management system, the Modbus output option makes this straightforward.
As the heart of your gas detection system, Touchpoint Plus is designed to work with Honeywell’sndustry leading gas detectors and drive actuators, audible and visual alarms to provide a complete end-to-end solution that you can configure as your own.